Leah + Grace

A few months back, in early March, I headed out one chilly morning to do my very first ‘official’ photo session. I was excited (and so very nervous!!) to be taking photos for someone else…up until this point I had only taken pictures for fun, and for my own purpose. Now here I was, arriving with camera gear in hand to capture memories for somebody else…with intention!

LEAH + GRACE had just woken from a nap as I came into the living room that morning, and I have to share that these two just warm my heart! From the way they interact with one another, to the way they regard their mum and dad so intently…it brought me so much joy to get to spend some time documenting a typical morning (minus SOME intentional staging) with this crew. Little did I know that this first session – their session – would spark this little fire in me to see if I could keep up with this photography “thing”. I’ve rambled on for a bit here now…but all that to say that here are a few of my favorites from the Gallery that I had created for this little family from that first session of the year. Feel free to take a look!

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