Reese turns TWO!

This next session took place back in mid April. With a birthday soon approaching, this little lady rang it in in style with a cake smash session courtesy of Sweet on the side! Honestly? This session was such a dream! REESE was turning two in just a few short days, and was so enthralled with her little setup from the moment she walked in! From the cake, to the teacups, to the little gold decorations, this girl right here was having a blast all on her own! Truthfully, I don’t even know if she noticed me, bobbing all around her with camera in hand…there was just too much goodness going around! Want to know my ‘cherry on top’ from this session? This little one didn’t just come by to have her sweet little self photographed, she came to surprise me with some pretty exciting news! Have you had a chance to look through this gallery? Can you guess what it was?? All I’ll say is that my heart is SO full!

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