A Family Session in Cumberland

I think we are on the brink, perhaps we are turning a corner…seasonally speaking that is. Our days are already getting shorter, and that hot summer heat we gladly experienced this year has already turned down a couple notches. Even as I type away at this blog post this evening, I find myself sitting in the living room, with the air turned off and a cool breeze drifting in from the back door. Those who know me know that AC is an absolute must, so this says everything! And as much as it saddens me to think that summer vacation is coming to an end, I look forward to the new beginnings that September brings, and to the start of one of my all time favourite seasons…I’m sure you’ve guessed it – but I’m not saying it out loud quite yet! I will say though, that this most recent family session captured a bit of that seasonal vibe too.

I was so excited to meet with one of my all time favourite families last week in Cumberland to capture some special memories with a visiting grandparent (dziadziu┼Ť, as we say in Polish). Our session weather was humid and gray, but we were blessed with some emerging sunshine from time to time that just lit up all of the elements around us…what a difference light can make!

Take a peek at their session below – I mean, I already know just how much fun these guys are, but I feel you should get to see that for yourselves!

Oh and side note – how about that color coordination!? I held off on suggesting anything prior to this session in particular, because who am I to tell my aunt and uncle what to wear (I mean respect your elders right?). However, this beautiful fam showed up on time and color coordinated…as always; respect earned!

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