A Family Session along the Mer Bleue Bog Trail

Who here thought that our recent mass snowfall might just melt away to reveal a few last days of fall?? I’m sorry to suggest otherwise, but I’ve got this feeling that the snow is here to stay! Though, lets just take a moment to acknowledge what an especially odd change of seasons we have just had…

In thinking back to previous years, I feel as though our plentiful season of Fall is usually followed by a number of weeks of grey days and dusty sidewalks…you know what I mean by that right? I’m talking no snow, no leaves, just cool days and barren trees…that is typically our Canadian transition from fall to wintertime, at least here in Ottawa anyway. This year, however, I feel as though we made quite the jump from some striking Autumn weather to a dumping – literally overnight – of snow!

All this to say, that I’m finally just getting around to posting one of my favourite family sessions from this past Fall season. On the evening I met the Leger family at Mer Bleue in mid October, the weather was much different from its current wintery state. The air was warm and the sun shone brightly, reflecting all of its goodness along our trail walk. Let me just preface that Mer Bleue is one of my favourite places to be out and wandering, period. So when the weather and light cooperated the way they did this particular night, and with clients as easy natured as these guys, it’s no wonder that our time flew by creating these magical family memories. This family of four were sweet, kind, and open-minded to my at-times questionable suggestions (they may have ventured into some tall unruly grass, and hopped a fence or two on my account). I also loved capturing the curiosity and amity of these two siblings as we walked along – and at times ankle deep – in the bog trail area. Kudos to them for going along with it -and with me- during our session together!

Here’s hoping for more of these kinds of sessions this winter! Anyone up for getting knee deep in some snow!? Just putting it out there in the universe! In the meantime, feel free to reminisce about warmer weather through this family session…I know I will be!






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