Cove’s Newborn In-home session

Everyone, meet Cove!

You may recognize his mom and dad, and older brother from a maternity session from this past Fall, and I’ve certainly already posted a few photos of his through my Instagram and Facebook platforms…

Well, here he is… and if my memory serves me correctly, he is now just over 5 months old!

I met with Natalie, Scott, Brody and Cove a little over a month ago now, at their Kanata home, where we hung out together and laughed alongside Cove and his many vivid expressions. I’ve said it before, and i’ll say it again…in-home sessions are quickly becoming a fast favourite of mine…maybe it’s that the couples and families I work with are comforted by the familiarity of being photographed in their own home, or the fact that there are minimal props involved and genuine moments are capture as they arise, but regardless, the fact still stands.

So Thank You Natalie + Scott for inviting me into your home, and allowing me to partake in a part of your weekend routines! I sure loved working through your gallery and all the beautiful moments you shared!

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