Leandro + Alena: A Proposal Story

I’m pretty positive when I say that this session is one I’ll cherish forever…there’s nothing quite like the exhilarating feeling of doing something special for the first time, and I’m sure that feeling was mutual for all three of us on this final sunny Winterlude weekend…albeit, each one of us for different reasons of course.

Leandro and Alena had ventured from Waterloo to Ottawa for their annual Winterlude getaway, but little did she know that this year would be extra special! The sun shone brightly as the two wandered up to Majors Hill Park overlooking Parliament Hill, and adrenaline was high as I tried to keep a safe and secretive distance between the two of them and myself. I vividly remember thinking that my excitement couldn’t be half as much as that of Leandro, who had been planning this special moment for weeks upon months.

There is something uniquely special about proposals and the moments that directly follow them. The nerves, the smiles, the laughter…all of those good feels were out in full force as the two celebrated their engagement over some bubbly and a sweet, laughter filled, engagement session that followed.

Congratulations to you both Leandro & Alena!

Wishing you all the love a heart can handle!


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