Emilia + Colin: a Beach session with friends

Happy Monday Morning everyone!

It’s crazy to think that this is the last full week of summer vacation! As many of you know, I am an Elementary school teacher, and September means back to school for me! So with that said, it’s no surprise that I’m spending this week reminiscing about this past summer in all of its glory.

We started off our summer with our honeymoon in Europe, but before doing so, we landed in Punta Cana for a family wedding. Here are some photos from our time in the Dominican, celebrating Emilia + Colin on the beach just one night before their big day! At first my intention for this post was to currate photos of only the two of them and their beach session, but this particular evening was very much a casual night surrounded by friends, so I decided to include other candids from the night as well. Lastly, near the end of their gallery, I included a few photos from the morning of the wedding. As I stood by Emi’s side during her big day, I was only able to capture photos from the morning during our time getting ready together…so here it is! A little look into my personal life + travels from earlier this summer! Not the most conventional post for the blog this week, but it felt right sharing it this way – Enjoy!


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