Ashley + Robert: A Domaine Perrault Engagement


Feeling extra productive today as I sit here with my evening tea (no glass of wine tonight…it’s a home in PJ’s at 7pm kinda Saturday today). Normally I feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day, but today the whole list was tackled, including taking+ delivering photos, writing this blog, sending out sneak peeks and even getting some winterizing of the yard and friend visits in as well, so I’m holding onto that little feeling of joy! Also, I got to enjoy that last bit of sunlight today with an evening dog walk + a Chocolat Favoris date with my hubby, so I’d say it’s been a pretty good day. Now it’s time for one last bit of “work”, to share this stunning gallery with you!

As I prepare this collection to share with you tonight, I’m feeling a little extra proud, touched, happy (etc, etc, etc), because it belongs to a very good friend of mine. When Ashley + Robert approached me to do their engagement shoot, I remember telling them excitedly, “This will be such great practice for your session with your wedding photographer”, her response was immediate “this isn’t practice, we love your work! You’re the real deal”…(or something to that extent…I’m not to be trusted when it comes to paraphrasing…lol). And that’s exactly the type of support I’ve been lucky to have from her since day one, in every aspect of my life. So needless to say, I’ll admit that I felt the “pressure” to deliver a collection that was as beautifully crafted as she is, both inside and out. I mean, how could you not want to strive for perfection when you’ve got a girl like that on your roster. I’m flattered to have been asked to capture these memories, and honoured to get stand by their side as they say “I Do” next year!

So without further ado, because well, it’s apparently an overshare kinda day today…here are Ashley + Robert, and their Engagement session at Domaine Perrault Winery.


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