Megan + Jasmin

It’s a Friday night, and I’m spending it with a glass of wine + a podcast, in my PJ’s with two dogs by my side (for those wondering where the second pup came from – we’re dog sitting this weekend, so our Bentley’s got company and we’ve got a well needed night in after a busy work week). And after taking a load off for a couple of hours, I remembered I had earlier today promised to share this blog post with you all…so here we are! And thanks for reading along with me!

Today I’m sharing one of my favourite engagement sessions of the Fall season. Between the crisp morning air and the perfect morning light, the yellowing leaves, and their matching attire, Megan + Jasmin met with me with wide smiles and open hearts. You wouldn’t know that this was their first time together in front of a camera; they brought all their energy as we roamed around the arboretum, and totally rocked their engagement session. It was a lot of fun capturing them and their sweet love for one another surrounded by the beautiful backdrop of a perfect Autumn morning in Ottawa.

Congratulations on your engagement you two!!


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