A Sunrise Session at Mer Bleue Bog

When Kristen + Craig reached out to me at the start of Fall to see if we could coordinate an Autumn session with then 5 month old Ewen, my schedule was packed and weekends were fully booked, but we put our heads together and decided we would aim for a sunrise session at Mer Bleue Bog.

As I drove out to meet them on that early October morning, the city covered in a thick blanket of fog, and the sun slowly creeping up, I was in awe of how beautiful everything looked in the dewy morning light. It’s not often that I get to have sunrise sessions like this one, but man oh man are they ever worth the early alarm clock buzzing!

When we arrived and walked over to the boardwalk the steam was rising from the bog, and curious blue jays flew all around us from one golden tree to the next. I’ve made a promise to myself to start more mornings this way, with a country drive, and greenbelt walk, coffee – or camera – in hand to take in the calm and beauty of Ottawa’s many stunning surroundings…that’s once Winter passes of course!

I hope you enjoy perusing through this session, just as much as I enjoyed working with these three!



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