A snowy Morning at the Dominion Arboretum

Okay so i’ll admit that although our winters in Ottawa can feel loooooong AF, snowy days are some of my very favourites. There’s definitely something about them that brings back those [cold] and fuzzy memories of childhood…ski club every weekend with family and like-aged members of our Polish community, blistering down the hills with our beanie babies tucked in the backs of our boots. Or maybe the excitement of waking up to hear news of a snow day and bus cancellations and letting my head hit the pillow and eyelids slide shut again for an extra hour (or few) of sleep. Either way, there’s something so special about the FIRST snowfall of every season, and so when I think back to this session shot in early November, that feeling so seamlessly enters my mind.

As I drove to meet the Diguer family at the Dominion Arboretum, big fluffy snowflakes floated down to the frosty grass below. It looked like the perfect Fall morning, only with the addition of the glistening flakes falling.

Don’t let these photos fool you, it was actually an exceptionally cold morning, but the Diguer Family were incredibly tough and did an amazing job cozying up together to stay warm as we captured their collection. See for yourself!


  1. Connie Mercier Diguer says:

    It was a beautiful day and thank you so much for coming and photographing our family. The pictures turned out beautiful we were really pleased. Thank you again and we will be seeing you again soon.

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