The “Front Steps” Project



A Big Thank You goes out to the Orleans Community for joining these Fundraising Efforts.

My Front Steps bookings are now completely Full and wrapping up this week.


Happy Friday friend – How are you doing over there today?

There is no doubt that with the events that have transpired in the past weeks, and inevitably, that will continue in the weeks to come, many of us have been feeling stress, anxiety, sadness, restlessness…that list of feelings goes on and on and on. But within these past weeks, I have also seen a growing solidarity and creativity across our country and within our networks, families and communities coming together in new and beautiful ways, even with our physical and social limitations.


As an Ottawa based Photographer, a big part of my life is often spent capturing or working on images of couples or families in times of joy: from engagements, to pregnancies, families growing or expanding, and these joyful moments are still taking place right now…even in these difficult times.

So after learning about the #frontstepsproject last week*, I couldn’t contain my excitement and started immediately planning to join the movement as soon as possible! Starting Monday March 30th, 2020 I am excited to share that I will be offering five minute ‘Front Steps Portraits” within the Orleans Community. These sessions will take place outside of your home, on your front steps, from a safe distance. In exchange, I’d ask that you make a donation to the Orleans-Cumberland Resource Center GoFund me campaign. The purpose of this initiative is to bring us together to help those in our community who may need it the most.

*This project was started by Cara Soulia Photography in Boston*

What to expect:

I will be scheduling two sets of sessions throughout the day – AM (between 7:00-9:00 in the morning) and PM (between 5:00-700 in the evening). Once your session time is confirmed, I’ll give you a call as I’m arriving on site, and I will snap a few quick photos of you and your loved ones! After your session, you can expect to receive an email from me with 5-6 digital files, within the week!

Please Remember:
I will be taking images outside only, and from at least 10 feet away. Our session will be brief, around the 5 minute mark. Dress comfortably; feel free to come out in your cozy loungewear or even in your matching PJ’s and slippers – dress code is entirely up to you!

Send me an email with the following information…

Your Name (please also included a description of who is in your group for photos):
Date of session (Please list 3 options between March 30-April 10): ***SESSIONS ARE NOW FULLY BOOKED
Requested time (AM or PM):
Please note – If you are looking for best lighting conditions, pick a time where your home front the shade or has even lighting

Thank you for your interest – I will do my very best to accommodate all requests within this working time frame!

Not looking for photos, but looking to help this cause? Please see the link for the GoFund Me page HERE!


  1. Sylvie Nisula says:

    Good morning,
    This is a wonderful idea and I wod love to have pictures taken of my family
    My daughter is a nurse and returning to work either tomorrow or Monday if there is any chance you could come today that would be amazing.
    Looking forward to hear from you

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