Hellllllo Summer!

I know, I know…summer doesn’t actually officially begin until June 20th this year, but if you’re reading this and you live in the Ottawa and surrounding areas, you’ll know that we’ve been getting some hella’ strong heat this week! I’ve been making an effort to sunscreen up and still get out for lots of walks and time in the garden, but even with all that sunblock and shade, I think I’ve already reached my typical summer tan level…lol. Not to worry, if you like milder weather (like me!) then you’ll be pleased to know that the weekend forecast will be back down in the ‘teens.

But weather aside, I’m hopping on here tonight for an overdue post, as per usual. This past March as we made our way back home from a much less social and much more anxious march break visit to Nova Scotia, I started to plan my launch of the #frontstepsproject. Having read that photographers around North America were in essence binding together in this community effort made me feel like I could somehow have purpose at this difficult time.

For those who perhaps haven’t heard about the Front Steps Project, it was an initiative to help fundraising within the community by  offering short five minute ‘Front Steps Portraits”. These sessions took place outside of clients homes from a safe distance, using a telephoto lens in exchange for a donation (in my case, I had chose the Orleans Cumberland Community Resource Centre – OCCRC).

With this Project now closed for any more bookings, I am thrilled to share that the generous folks from our Orleans community generously banded together to donate $2060!! After getting off a call with a representative from the OCCRC just last week, I thought I should share their message of Thanks + Gratitude on their behalf. So thank you to the 30+ families who welcomed me at the foot of their driveways, and an extra special thank you to those of you who sent donations even without having booked sessions – your contributions did not go unnoticed!

Cheers to you friends! I hope you are all staying well, and I look forward to working with you again soon!


Your friend + neighbour,


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