A Family Session at the Ornamental Gardens

As the change in season begins to approach I’ve been finding myself reminiscing of Summer memories more than ever. So I’ve decided that this week I’ll be dedicating a series of Summer blog posts to sessions that haven’t yet hit the net yet, and am I ever looking forward to the throw backs – even though so many were only just weeks ago. I’m starting us off with this family of four, friends of ours whom I have such a fun time photographing every. single. time.

If I had to chose a caption for this session it would be something along the lines of “chasing curious twins”. Megan and Nathan are right at the top of my list of “OG” clients who have been booking with me since I first launched my photography journey 3 years ago, and each time we gather for new family photos, pizza nights, or pool parties, you can guarantee their two little girls, Grace and Leah, will be up to something as they explore their surroundings and stir up trouble together. This session was no different, as I chased these two throughout the gardens capturing memories of their playful and happy nature. It’s those real, in between moments that make my cheeks hurt from smiling, laughing and reliving the moment.

Here are a few of my favourites from our recent session together.




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